TV Shows That Predicted the Future

Television is supposed to be for entertainment but it has surprised many people time and time again over the years by seemingly predicting the future. Whether its an event that seems eerily similar or a form of technology that pops up decades later, some show creators seem to have a knack for divination.

1.Scrubs and Osama Bin Laden

The brave Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden hadn’t discovered his hiding  until 2011, with the help of many covert and black operations. However, somehow The Janitor (Neil Flynn) from Scrubs knew where Bin Laden was back in 2007.

2. Simpsons and Voting Scandal

The Simpsons has garnered a strong reputation for its eerily accurate predictions of the future. The show runners somehow managed to predict things such as Donlad Trump running for president, the FIFA scandal, and many others. My personal favorite prediction, however, took place in the 2008’s Halloween special episode. The Simpsons predicted 2012’s voting scandal in which electronic voting machines switched votes:

3. Lone Gunman and 9/11

The characters known as the Lone Gunmen had appeared occasionally on The X-Files as conspiracy theorists who were often correct. The first episode of their own short lived spin-off show, aired during early 2001, months before the actual tragic event took place. During this episode they uncovered a conspiracy about the U.S. government planning to crash an airplane into the World Trade Center, blame it on foreigners, and then use the resultant outcry to justify raising the defense budget. (A real life conspiracy to cover at a later dater and time).

4. Family Guy and Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner

The raunchy animated sitcom, Family Guy is known for its throwaway gags and digs at celebrities, so when this episode first aired in 2009, it seemed to be par for the course. In the bit, baby Stewie Griffin remarks that in actuality Bruce Jenner is “an elegant, beautiful Dutch woman”— it wasn’t until years later when Jenner announced that she now identifies as a woman that .

5. Star Trek and Futuristic Technology

Several science fiction shows have tried their hand at creating belieavle worlds with plausible concepts, but few have been as successful as the Star Trek franchise. It may come as a shock to you, just how many of the seemingly far-fetched ideas (when the show debuted in 1966) have managed to become a reality.

What do you think? Is it just a coincidence that certain events or products featured in popular television shows, later came to fruition? Or could it be a type of self fulfilling prophecy, where we saw an event or product and that later led to its creation? Or could it be something else entirely, something more sinister at play?



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