Our Future Overlords: Reptilian Elite?

The idea of a “Reptilian Elite” was first introduced to the mainstream public by former BBC sports writer and acclaimed conspiracy theorist, David Icke, in his 1999 book The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World.

In this book, he describes a race of reptile human hybrids with nefarious goals, that have infiltrated nearly every aspect of our society by posing as influential figures and various political leaders (People believed to be under Reptilian influence include: Putin, Simon Cowell, the Bushes, Barack Obama, the Pope, and many others).
While it may sound like a slightly (or extremely) outlandish claim, approximately 12 million humans believe it to be true.

Although a lot of the “evidence” supporting the human reptile conspiracy may be considered circumstantial (at best), it is still a very popular and interesting theory that I would like to share with you all.

Where did the Reptilians Come From?

It is believed that Reptilians traveled to Earth from their home planet in the Alpha Draconis star systems thousands of years ago (after having mastered intergalactic travel).

Once arriving on Earth, they either decided or were forced to go “undercover” and hid themselves from our reality. They also started to interbreed with humans by altering our DNA. ( As evidence, Icke points to the fact that we have reptile genes within our brain.)


Altering our DNA served several purposes: it limited our consciousness and prevented us from using our brains to their full capacity, making us easier to control (they use mind control btw). It also served as a way for people with the reptile DNA in them to be possessed by Reptilians. (YOU might even be part Reptilian and not even know it). These human-reptile hybrids, AKA demigods, were able to gain power in the ancient civilizations and as time progressed and humankind started to colonize the planet, the reptiles spread across the Earth and became the royal families throughout the world.

Now, Reptilians hold power in every single country. It is even believed that the Reptilians are behind secret societies like the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

They are responsible for creating a global prison that people don’t even realize they’re in by drawing country lines, which leads to endless wars and conflicts. They control humans by distracting us with media, entertainment, and even politics. They’ve also increased illnesses and diseases such as obesity and birth defects by poisoning our food, the air, and the water.

What do They Want?

Why would they do it? Why travel to Earth and inbreed with humans in an attempt to covertly control the planet? Well, one belief is that they need our gold to help stabilize the atmosphere on their own planet. Another theory is that they just have a need for power and control and they enjoy living life as rulers. A thirdly, the Reptilians try to cause human suffering and to ensure constant conflict because they Reptilians actually consume negative energy like jealousy, fear, and anger as a source of food.

For more information about the Reptilian Elite, please check out this short video.

So, there you have it: the reptilian elite conspiracy. What did you think? Do you believe that people in power are really reptile hybrids in disguise?



10 Things You Should Know About the Reptilian Conspiracy Theory


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